Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lots of Arabs are also being killed in Lebanon

Last week there were twin bombings in Tripoli, Lebanon, killing 47 people.
Police arrested two suspects Saturday linked to the twin car bombs in the northern city of Tripoli as the death toll from the blasts rose to 47 and politicians grappled with the aftermath of the attack amid worries of more sectarian strife.

Sheikh Ahmad Gharib, 40, was arrested by the police overnight in his residence in Minyeh, north of Tripoli. Arms, explosives and maps of the northern city were seized at his home, judicial sources said.

The sources said that Gharib was an affiliate to the Syrian regime-backed Baath Party and had recently paid several visits to Syria. Gharib was studying Islam in Syria but then quit and became a staunch supporter of the Assad regime.

Another suspect in the bombing, Sheikh Abdel Razzak Hammoud, was arrested around noon, the sources said.

The sources said that both sheikhs are members of the Tripoli-based Islamic Tawheed Movement, a pro-Syrian regime group headed by Hashem Minkara.

Investigations into the explosions outside two Sunni Muslim mosques carried on as military experts inspected the blast scenes to identify the cars used in the large bombings outside the Al-Salam Mosque on Tripoli’s Maarad Street and the A-Taqwa Mosque near Abu Ali roundabout.
Even though the blasts were done against Sunni targets and the suspects have ties to the Syria regie, Iran blames - Israel!
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks and bombings in the Northern city of Tripoli in Lebanon, and took Takfiri extremists and Zionists responsible for the massacre of the innocent Lebanese people.
“Undoubtedly, the wicked hands of the Zionist regime of Israel have now come out of the sleeves of Takfiri groups and irresponsible extremists, who intend to sow the seeds of sedition and undermine national unity and peaceful co-existence of different Lebanese ethnic groups, particularly Islamic sects,” Araqchi said on Friday.
The blast comes right after a car bomb in Beirut killed 27 more.

In fact, in Lebanon this year the death toll from the spillover of the Syrian civil war has already taken about 160 lives.

On an entirely unrelated topic, 48 were killed in  Iraq on Sunday.

It's all because of the settlements.