Monday, June 17, 2013

Pet Shop Boys slap down BDS liars

The Pet Shop Boys are playing in Israel next week, which naturally means that Israel haters pulled out all the stops to try to pressure them to cancel.

Their answer is short and shows that at least some pop stars have a degree of intelligence:
I don't agree with this comparison of Israel to apartheid-era South Africa. It's a caricature. Israel has (in my opinion) some crude and cruel policies based on defence; it also has universal suffrage and equality of rights for all its citizens both Jewish and Arab. In apartheid-era South Africa, artists could only play to segregated audiences; in Israel anyone who buys a ticket can attend a concert. Neil x

The graphic that the haters used to try to demonize the duo from playing reveals a lot about how Israel haters simply make up "facts" whenever they feel like it.

1 child killed every 3 days? 2 kids "caged" every day?

These statistics are anti-Israel fantasies.

There have been no Palestinian Arab children killed by Israel in the past five months (the last one was throwing rocks and bottles at the IDF in January.) Even during the second intifada, from 2000-2005, the number of children killed did not reach this level.

Similarly, the idea that 2 children are arrested every day is equally ridiculous.

How many people would even bother to question statistics shown on a poster like this? To do so, you must assume initially that the BDS crowd is filled with liars, and most Westerners tend to trust seemingly authoritative "facts" that come their way.

The lies of the Israel haters are insidious, and of course the more "honest" ones will not bother to correct their co-haters -  because there are no consequences to lying.

(h/t Gidon Shaviv)