Saturday, February 23, 2013

A PalArab dies in Israeli prison, and the Arabs go crazy (updated)

From Ma'an:

A Palestinian prisoner held in Israel's Megido Prison died on Saturday, a Palestinian Authority official said.

PA Minister of Detainees Issa Qaraqe identified the victim as Arafat Jaradat, 30, from the Hebron village of Sair.

Israeli media had earlier reported that Jaradat suffered a cardiac arrest and prison staff tried to revive him to no avail.

Qaraqe told Ma'an that he holds the Israeli government responsible for Jaradat's death and demanded an immediate inquiry into the circumstances behind his death.

Jaradat was arrested three months ago, Qaraqe added, and was not involved in ongoing hunger strike action by Palestinian prisoners.
Hamas allies are demanding - get this - an international inquiry into the circumstances of Jaradat's death.

A couple of years ago I showed that the likelihood of a young, healthy person dying in Israeli prisons is far less than that of a young, healthy American dying in any given year.

When people die in most of the world, it is a tragedy. When an Arab dies in circumstances that can be remotely twisted as Israel's fault, it is an international incident.

UPDATE: BBC's Jon Donnison tweets propaganda as fact:

And so it goes.

(h/t JS)