Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thursday links

From Ian:

MEMRI: Hamas TV Host Criticizes UNRWA for Teaching Holocaust to Palestinian Children

Where Would Hezbollah Be Without the EU? by Douglas Murray
"The EU has been here before. During the same period they came up with their false wall-of-separation within Hezbollah they did the same thing with Hamas. That terror group too, they decided, had a military and a political wing. After the atrocities of the Second Intifada, however, that fiction disappeared. It did not disappear because the EU was made aware of something it had previously been unaware of. It disappeared in Europe because it was no longer possible – in terms of public opinion or political expediency – to allow a group to operate which blew up buses full of civilians."

Bahrain arrests bombing suspects and blames Hezbollah

Peres warns: Iran threatening another Holocaust
At inauguration of Russian Jewish museum in Moscow alongside Russian FM, Peres thanks Russia for defeating Nazis in WWII.

Nick Clegg just can’t bring himself to support Israeli defensive action against Iran.
"Clegg continued in the same vein even when Bradby asked whether Clegg would expect military action once Iran had loaded nuclear weapon technology into a missile and, finally, if Israel’s intelligence showed that they couldn’t sit and tolerate the situation anymore.
Yet still Clegg could not bring himself to support Israeli defensive action, even against such an existential threat as an all-out nuclear attack."

BBC Watch: BBC shields audiences from antisemitism in Istanbul
“The BBC article also fails to relate in any way whatsoever to the antisemitic spectacle which went on outside the court on the first day of the ‘trial’ and which was obviously tolerated – if not encouraged – by the Turkish authorities.”
“In the name of accuracy and impartiality, it would of course be proper for the BBC to update its anodyne profile of the Free Gaza Movement to include the recent display of blatant antisemitism by its leader Greta Berlin, who is quoted in the BBC profile. So far – over a month after the incident – that has not been done.”

Hamas offices in Syria raided, adding to fears of Palestinian deportations
Abbas appeals to envoy for international protection as Palestinians increasingly involved in violence

[Also I saw an Arabic article saying that Syrian rebels would re-open Hamas offices when they win. - EoZ]

7 more Syrian generals defect to Turkey
Seven generals who recently defected from the Syrian army arrived with their families at the Turkish-Syrian border on Tuesday and were allowed to enter the country at the town of Reyhanlı in the southern province of Hatay under tight security measures.

Space-age rapid transit to debut in Tel Aviv
Developer of NASA-designed skyTran chose Israel as the perfect place to pilot the software-guided personal transport pods that glide on a cushion of air.
If all goes as planned, within two years Israelis will be the first people to try out a futuristic rapid transport system designed by NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, California.

World Famous Tenor Andrea Bocelli Tells UK Paper of His Love for Israel
“A country that has really resonated with me and I was really impressed with was Israel. I found that the whole country had a very special atmosphere. I was there to perform but it was one of the few places that I’ve visited over the years that I had some free time to explore, and I was hugely impressed by all the religious history there.”

IDF sends search and rescue crew to Ghana after mall collapse
Dozens feared trapped in rubble in Accra shopping center
"The Israel Defense Forces was scheduled to send a search and rescue team to Ghana Wednesday night after a shopping center collapse in the African country’s capital earlier in the day left dozens trapped.
The army search and rescue force of doctors, engineers and other experts, 18 people in total, were to be flown to Accra late Wednesday night to assist in rescue attempts, the IDF said on its website. Some 51 people have so far been pulled from the rubble of the shopping center, with one confirmed death."