Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The people most interested in Palestinian Arab unity are - terrorists

Ever since the Fatah/Hamas split and violent Hamas takeover of Gaza, the rhetoric between the two sides has been sharp (and often entertaining.)

The most recent examples have been that Hamas is accusing Fatah of selling out on its commitment to destroy Israel via the "right to return," because of Abbas' misleading interview on Israel TV last week. Fatah responded that Hamas collaborates with Israel to destroy Fatah and Abbas' upcoming UN stunt. 

Hamas' police beating of peaceful woman protesters yesterday earned a sharp rebuke from Fatah as well, with it hilariously complaining about Hamas being against freedom of expression - when Fatah is at least as guilty of that itself.

Throughout the insults, one party has been keen on settling the differences:

The terror group Islamic Jihad.

Today, Islamic Jihad held a mini-summit in Gaza in its headquarters to encourage Fatah and Hamas to stop their "bickering and mud-slinging" in the media, especially in the run-up to Abbas' UN bid.

Westerners think of people who work for peace and unity to be inherently moderate. In the Middle East, however, the people who want "peace" are often those who also are behind the most heinous terrorist attacks.

The rules are different in that part of the world, and the most fatal mistake Westerners make is by projecting their own mindset onto people who do not share the same culture or values. It is a mistake made over and over again, by both politicians and the media, and the terrorists and their supporters are more than happy to take advantage of it.

Because they not only understand the Western mindset - they are constantly manipulating it.