Sunday, November 18, 2012

The delayed Saturday linkdump

Late but still a ton of good stuff.

From Ian:

Some questions for the apologists of Hamas by Douglas Murray
"When Hamas launch rockets from beside a pram with a baby in it – as they do – they know that the Israelis have two options: they must either allow the rocket-launcher to remain in place to fire more rockets into Israel, or they must hit the site and risk killing the baby. For Israel these are two terrible options. For Hamas it is a win-win. If the Israelis do not strike then Hamas can fire more rockets at Israel. If they do hit then Hamas have another dead child they can hold up for the cameras and weep fake tears for. Hamas know that these pictures will travel round the globe and bring the anger of much of the civilised world against Israel. For Hamas, the child is worth it, for the child is a tool of their war."

JPost: Editor's Notes: Israel’s Pillar of Defense
"The primary purpose of Operation Pillar of Defense is to restore Israel’s deterrent capability. The message to Hamas, to the world, and ultimately to ourselves is that terrorist groups can no longer attack us with impunity. The constant firing of thousands of rockets and mortar shells at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip over the past 11 years must finally come to a halt."

IDF counts over 800 Gaza airstrikes, with some 180 early Saturday
Targeting follows Hamas’s unleashing of 500-plus rockets, including unprecedented launchings at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem

Israel under fire - November 2012 (Statistics and Maps).
Since the launching of Israel's anti-terror operation Pillar of Defense on November 14, some 400 rockets have struck Israel, landing in the south and in the greater Tel Aviv area, killing three people in Kiryat Malachi.

IDF Blog: Pillar Of Defense: Third Day Recap (Video)
Fajr 5 - The Hamas Rocket That Threatens Millions of Israelis (Video)

Hamas missile launch pad next to mosque, playground. Civilian factories, gas station also half a block from Fajr-5 firing site.

Pictures of IDF Soldiers mobilising

‘Surprise’ rocket fire at Jerusalem shows Hamas flailing but still seeking to escalate the conflict
Gaza’s Islamists, far from cowed, are pushing to their limits in a bid for ‘an achievement’

Hamas – godless killers by David Horovitz
In firing at Jerusalem, the Islamists underlined that they have no compunction about murdering absolutely anybody

Jerusalemites shaken, not stirred, by ‘surprise’ siren
Shrill air raid alarm follows traditional Sabbath siren, startling residents of the capital; mayor Barkat urges locals to keep calm

Hamas rockets burst the Tel Aviv bubble
The targeting of Israel’s commercial and cultural capital brings reality to the doorstep of the beloved oasis

2 Great Cartoons:
The Times - Targets

Spooner – Gilad

CIFWatch Guardian publishes cartoon showing Israeli leader as puppet master controlling Hague & Blair

Glenn Greenwald criticizes Bibi AND Obama’s “policies” of intentionally killing innocent Muslims
"Those within the mainstream American Left who don’t succumb to the false moral equivalence between Islamist terrorists and Western democracies, and who don’t buy into the defamatory suggestion that Obama is engaged in a war against Islam, should begin to view him as, at the very least, a crank – a shrill and vitriolic anti-Obama extremist."

BBC Watch: BBC’s Jeremy Bowen: “a deliberate escalation by Israel”
"In other words, Bowen wants his audience to go away with the feeling that it is Israel – and Israel alone – which is pushing the entire region to the edge of disaster, rather than the actions of terrorist organisations dedicated to its destruction which commit war crimes against civilians on a daily basis."

Richard Millett: Photos and footage from last night’s anti-Israel and pro-Israel demonstrations in London.

Anti-Israel protesters get aggressive with Sun News (Canada) Video

Protesters chant anti-Semitic slogans outside Rome synagogue
Mass student protests across Italy include clashes and pro-Palestinian slogans in capital’s Jewish Quarter

Kardashian's Prayer for Israel Inspires Hate, Death Threats

AP 'Corrects' Itself Calling Jerusalem Israel's Capital
Yes, the correction was for omitting the "self-declared" capital.

The Return of "Tan Jacket Man": CNN Uses Faked Palestinian 'Casualty' Video in Coverage

BBC to Twitter: Stop Tweets from IDF, Hamas
The BBC took to Twitter to let the world know that it thinks that there is no difference between terrorists and victims.

NY Times: Muslim Brotherhood Morsi Torn over Israel
Once again we see a New York Times trying to portray Israel's enemies as perfectly reasonable actors in the Middle East instead of the genocide-wishing, terror-supporters that they are.

Interpol to restart search for Bulgaria bomber
Second round of searches to focus on finding possible accomplices involved in Burgas blast by sifting through Interpol’s database and seeking help from the public

Get ready for Coptic Christian refugees
Eventually, the refugee crisis inside Egypt will spill over its borders and become an international problem
"Borhamy, a physician as well as one of the top Salafist clerics in Egypt, issued a fatwa stating that Egyptian taxi drivers should not stop for Coptic Priests because they are most likely headed to church where they will commit a sin. He has also ruled that Copts and women cannot hold positions of authority in the Egyptian government. Dr. Borhamy further publicly stated that while he deeply hates Christians he is still capable of treating them justly."