Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday links

From Ian:

BBC Watch: Airbrushing terror: the BBC on Abu Jihad
“Unlike the BBC, the Palestinian Authority is quite certain about al Wazir’s connections to terror attacks in which hundreds of Israelis were killed and injured. In fact, as recently as April 2012 the PA organized a week-long celebration of the man and his terror attacks, including the naming of sporting events in his honour, TV broadcasts of footage of him planning a terror operation and the presentation of 125 Israelis killed in attacks he planned as an ‘achievement’.

Abbas interview aimed to interfere with Israeli elections, Liberman charges
Foreign minister dismisses moderate comments by PA leader as an attempt to strengthen parties ‘who represent Palestinian interests’
"The foreign minister added that Abbas doesn’t say the same things in Arabic that he does in English, and that Israelis who failed to see through the tactic were deluding themselves. “The attempt to lie to ourselves [about Abbas's moderation] amazes me every time,” Liberman said."

Peres praises Abbas for ‘brave’ new statements on peace, Netanyahu dismisses them
Abbas said Thursday he had no territorial claims to pre-1967 Israel and no ‘right’ to return to live in Safed; thousands protest his remarks in Gaza
"But in a statement issued by his office, Netanyahu said there was “no connection” between Abbas’s words and deeds. Abbas had “refused to restart negotiations with Israel for four years despite a series of steps taken by the prime minister to resume them — such as an unprecedented construction freeze in the West Bank,” the statement said. “In addition, Abbas refuses to discuss security arrangements that are necessary to protect Israeli citizens.” Still, the statement said Netanyahu’s offer to restart negotiations and meet with Abbas without preconditions still stands."

Rocket fired from Gaza lands in southern Israel
No injuries or damage reported

Meanwhile - Alan Dershowitz: Following the Elections, Mideast Peace Negotiations Should Resume

Correcting the Record, Haaretz Style
"We saw a similar phenomenon a few years ago when Haaretz published soldiers’ “testimonies” from the Gaza war alleging IDF abuses. Ultimately, the stories were proven bogus, but not before Big Media fulfilled the maxim generally attributed to Mark Twain:
"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."The Globe & Mail shows the truth got halfway around the world. But Levy’s still racing it."

3 Syrian tanks cross into Golan demilitarized zone, Israel raises alert
The Israeli army, which has been braced for Syrian fighting spilling into Israel, reports the incident to UN peacekeepers
"The incident — the first such violation in 40 years — was not regarded as an incident of hostility toward Israel. Rather, the Syrian tanks were apparently facing off against Syrian rebel forces. Nonetheless, Syrian-Israeli relations are relentlessly fraught, and any border incident raises tensions."

Islamist gunmen kill three Egyptian policemen in the Sinai
Assailants ambush cops in El-Arish, shout ‘God is great,’ then flee.  [See also how Egyptians are blaming "Zionists."]

Ex-neo-Nazi regrets joining the Taliban
Jailed German jihadist tells court he ended up contracting hepatitis A, and his wife missed her mobile phone and supermarkets

Anti-Semitic incidents in the US down by 13%, ADL audit finds
1,080 occurrences of assault, vandalism and harassment cited

In the midst of a forest, a house for Herzl
An early 20th-century villa built in tribute to the Zionist founder is nestled in the center of the Hulda Forest, surrounded by lush foliage of every variety. A training farm for pioneers, it proved an unlikely retreat during the riots of 1929

Top 10 ways algae boost science, energy and medicine
Israeli scientists find novel approaches to tap into the potential of this slimy plantlike organism for fuel, nutrition and innovative medical therapies.

Voicemail for video
Supermodel Noa Tishby helps launch new Israel-based startup, Minit, for bare-bones video sharing via smartphone.
Noa Tishby, perhaps best known for selling hit Israeli TV series such as In Treatment and Homeland to Hollywood, has joined Minit, a three-person startup based in Tel Aviv making what Tishby describes as “voicemail for video.”