Thursday, November 15, 2012

Overnight Pillar of Defense news

I'm not liveblogging like Muqata, but here is the news from last night:

4 Israelis were killed - including two women - and a baby injured in a rocket attack on Kiryat Malachi.

3 Hamas terrorists were killed on a motorcycle/taxi in Gaza. This makes 11 killed in Gaza so far, 7 of them terrorists.

There have been over 130 rockets from Gaza in the past 24 hours. Iron Dome intercepted 13 since midnight and about 28 yesterday.

Hamas, which has been making up stories from the start, warns Gazans not to believe Israeli "rumors." Presumably the interior minister is referring to pamphlets the IDF is dropping warning Gazans to stay away from terrorists who are about to be toast. He also said there is plenty of food and fuel, and warned shopkeepers not to price-gouge customers.

Here is video of the IDF targeting underground Fajr rocket launch sites:

Hamas has now named its rocket firing barrage "Operation Shale Stones." Which indicates that they will be burning for a long time.

Hamas also claims that it will air footage of firing a long-range Fajr rocket that they pretend hit Tel Aviv on its TV station. Amazing how not a single Israeli in Tel Aviv heard even a siren, let alone an explosion.

If you want to see what Ahmad Jabari looked like dead, Hamas websites have lots of photos.

The impression I am getting is that most Arab nations really don't care anymore. There are very few outraged articles and even fewer official statements that go beyond the boilerplate. The only people really upset are  the usual Western anti-Israel leftists who see this as an excuse to hold protests and people like Max Blumenthal who fume that the Israel Lobby is hushing up all criticism. Yup, we control the Arab press too!