Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Midweek links

From Ian:

How Hamas Is Trying to Fool Everyone by Khaled Abu Toameh
"Mashaal told CNN's Christiane Amanpour: "I accept a Palestinian state according to 1967 borders with Jerusalem as the capital, with the right of return [of millions of Palestinians to Israel]."
The Hamas leader's remark has since been misinterpreted by some Westerners as a sign that the radical Islamist movement, which was established 25 years ago with the declared goal of destroying Israel, has now abandoned its ideology and is on its way to endorsing a softer approach.
But while Mashaal was speaking on CNN, several Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip were talking -- in Arabic -- about their intention to pursue the fight against Israel until the "liberation of all our lands, from the sea to the river."

Melanie Phillips: Sanitising Hamas in the worship of power
"The commitment by Hamas to destroy Israel and wipe out every Jew on earth is considered all but irrelevant. There can only be a solution if Hamas is involved, goes this thinking, because it is in power over the Palestinians – and there can only be a solution that is brokered between Israel and the Palestinians."

Daniel Pipes: Next Time Israel Must Retake the Philadelphi Corridor
"To permit Israeli soldiers effectively to prevent armaments from reaching Gaza, David Eshel of Defense Update argued in 2009 for the IDF taking back the Philadelphi Corridor and increasing its size to “a fully sterile security line of about 1,000 meters,” even though this would mean having to relocate about 50,000 Gaza residents. Interestingly, the Palestinian Authority’s Ahmed Qurei privately endorsed similar steps in 2008."

Free Gaza—from Hamas
"Anyone who is actually concerned about the welfare of the people of Gaza, and does not belong to the church of “it’s all Israel’s fault” would have focused the generous resources provided by foreign donors (including the New Israel Fund and anonymous European government officials) on liberating Gaza’s citizens and Israelis from Hamas."

Hamas’ Lifeblood: Money
Saudi charities fund terrorists and their families—including Hamas’ late military chief Ahmed Jabari
"Why do Western governments like Great Britain, France, Italy, and Austria continue to allow radical Islamic charities to operate freely on their soil and to fund Hamas institutions like Jabari’s Al Nur Prisoners Society? Why do EU governments, facing their own fiscal cliffs, continue to fund the Palestinian Authority’s enormous subsidies to terrorists and their families? Only when Europe and the United States get serious about stopping the flow of money to men like Ahmed Jabari can there be any realistic hope of writing a less grim ending to this conflict."

Following Gaza ‘victory,’ Hamas sets its sights on the West Bank
Haniyeh says territory controlled by rival Fatah is central to the ‘struggle with the occupation’, makes plain ultimate aim of armed effort to destroy Israel

Report: Egyptian Security Seizes Shipment of Weapons on Way to Gaza, Including Anti-Aircraft Artillery
A preliminary investigation indicated the shipment contained 185 bullet crates, anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery, rockets, RPG launchers, land mines and explosives – collectively worth some 20 million Egyptian pounds (roughly $ 3.3 million).

TA bombing suspect related to 1978 terrorist
Man suspected of placing bomb on Tel Aviv bus last week related to family of Dalal Mughrabi, who carried out attack that killed 35 Israelis in 1978

David’s Sling success caught on film
Defense Ministry publishes video showing anti-ballistic missile defense system in action

JPOST Editorial: Misguided UN bid
"The PLO’s UN bid is misguided and wrongheaded and will do nothing but add to the long list of historic mistakes made by Palestinian leadership which date back at least to November 29, 1947 when Palestinians failed to grab their chance for nationhood and self-determination."

Why I Don’t Want a Palestinian State
The reason I don’t want a Palestinian state is because they will make a big fat mess of it.

Britain heads for Israel sell-out at the UN
The prospect of Britain backing the Palestinian UN bid shows just how deep anti-Israel feeling goes at the Foreign Office
"Britain should vote no to the Palestinians' diversionary tactics at the UN. If we do vote in favour, never again do I want to hear British officials garbling on about being friends of Israel, or Israeli officials talking about Britain being the "responsible adult in the room".

Israellycool: Must-Read Thoughts Of a Palestinian
Remember the palestinian who supported the IDF getting rid of Hamas and retaking the Gaza Strip?
Well, he’s back, this time publishing a post on the shoddy treatment of palestinians throughout the Arab world, especially when compared to their treatment by Israel.

In wake of Gaza conflict, anti-Israel activity on campus is rising, ADL says

Future Palestinian state to try Israel at ICC for Arafat killing, official says
Head of panel probing leader’s death says ‘those whose policy is assassinations’ will be brought to justice

Muslims Claim Netanyahu Plans to Build ‘False’ Holy Temple
Netanyahu’s latest building plan for Jerusalem is none other than for the Third Temple, claims Al Aqsa Foundation.

Group demands UN probe IDF strikes on journalists
International Federation of Journalists claims IDF deliberately targeted journalists in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense.

CIF Watch: Seumas Milne tells thousands at London rally that Palestinians have a right to kill Israelis

Journalist interviews Hamas TV spokesman about PMW VIDEO
"Journalist Suroosh Alvi from Vice magazine interviews a spokesman from Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas TV). Alvi tells the spokesman about PMW, an Israeli organization that monitors channels like Al-Aqsa TV in order to expose "how radical the people in Gaza are." The spokesman responds, "They also say to their people that killing a Palestinian is good. So this [is] a different way to see [things]."

Debunking the media lies - Syrian and Israeli pictures recycled as pictures from Gaza VIDEO

More media lies exposed VIDEO

Claims Muslim Brotherhood are rounding up activists

Hungarian rightist: List Jews who pose security risk
Marton Gyongyosi of Jobbik party calls for list of Jews who are threat to country; Jewish groups: Reminiscent of Nazi policy.

We feel safe here’
Pastor Umar Mulinde, who was attacked with acid in Uganda for supporting Israel, is receiving treatment at Sheba Medical Center.
"Pastor Umar Mulinde’s love for Israel has only grown since he began treatment here for the burns he sustained in a horrific acid attack in his home country of Uganda on Christmas Eve last year."

Mumbai Jews mark fourth anniversary of killings at Chabad House
Israel’s consul general speaks at commemoration of terrorist attack
"Among those on hand for Monday’s ceremony was Israel’s consul general in Mumbai, Orna Sagiv, who was in Mumbai at the time of the 2008 massacre, in which members of a Pakistan-based terror group attacked several sites in the city, including luxury hotels, a train station and a popular cafe. More than 170 people were killed in the attacks."


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