Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday links

From Ian:

Latma: The left's comeback strategy

West Bank: What the West is Funding by Khaled Abu Toameh
"Many Palestinian writers and journalists in the West Bank today live in fear of being harassed by the Palestinian Authority because of their views and writings. Some practice self-censorship, while others are writing under different names or have found themselves new and less dangerous professions.
There is no reason why those who are pouring millions of dollars on the Palestinian Authority should not demand an end to suppression of freedom of expression and the growing clampdown on writers and journalists in the West Bank.
Failing to hold the Palestinian Authority accountable for its actions will only drive more Palestinians into the arms of Hamas and the other radical forces."

Daily Telegraph runs shameful anti-Israel propaganda piece
The point about propaganda is that is has to be convincing. Nabeel Shaath's piece is total rubbish from beginning to end
"Cutting through the obfuscations, the diversions, and the errors, deliberate or otherwise, the underlying meaning of Shaath's words is clear: the Jews have no place being in the Middle East at all, except perhaps as the kind of second class citizens they were in the Arab states prior to Israel's establishment. As for a legitimate and secure Jewish state living side by side with its neighbours? Forget it.
Oh, and by the way. I forgot to mention that the Telegraph's writer is a Palestinian "moderate". God help Israel if they ever bump into any Palestinian extremists. Oh, wait..."

Palestine – Falk’s Failed Philosophy Guarantees Continuing Conflict by David Singer
"One would expect a Professor of Law to be precise and accurate in his choice of language and attention to factual detail. Professor Falk fails on both counts.
Professor Falk is certainly entitled to espouse the views he does.
However his entitlement to continue in his role as a Special Rapporteur must surely be questioned when he seeks to ignore a whole body of settled international law created before 1948 – whilst continuing to act in this highly sensitive position.
A new appointment to replace Professor Falk should be a priority. His use by date has surely been reached."

NGO Monitor: NGO Monitor Urges UNHRC to Comply with Fact-Finding Standards
“Already, contrary to principles of impartiality, the Mission’s mandate presumes guilt on Israel’s part, while failing to address the wider context, including the systematic terror campaign against Israeli civilians,” said Anne Herzberg, NGO Monitor’s Legal Advisor. “Our submission reminds the fact-finding mission of its obligation to comply with standards of transparency, impartiality, and independence in conducting its work. Otherwise, this Mission risks being discredited like the infamous fact-finding mission to Gaza, which produced the ‘Goldstone Report.’”

At memorial service for Toulouse victims, Netanyahu sings ‘Israel is alive’
Prime minister praises French president’s ‘firm’ stance against anti-Semitism; Hollande pledges to protect France’s Jews

Christian Arab youth come under fire over desire to enlist in IDF
"Arab media and Arab MKs are waging a vicious smear campaign against a small group of Christian Arab youth interested in military or national service • Christian Orthodox priest excommunicated for "cooperating with the enemy." (posted by sophie44)"

Tearful UK Jewish academic tells court his trade union has crossed the line into anti-Semitism
"In a potentially landmark case against the University and College Union (UCU), which is being heard at an employment tribunal in central London, Fraser is claiming that the union created a hostile environment for him as a Jew by repeatedly crossing the line from anti-Zionism into anti-Semitism. His case revolves, amongst other matters, around repeated motions to implement an academic boycott of Israel."

Arab tweeps should stop gloating over Sandy disaster: Saudi Grand Mufti
The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holliest sites, has condemned the gloating by radical “tweeps” in the Arab world over the Sandy storm disaster, which left more than 100 people dead in the U.S. East Coast, as “illegitimate.”

British Muslims Celebrate Hurricane Sandy, 9/11 and The Holocaust

MEMRI: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Hurricane Sandy Allah's Punishment for Afghanistan and Iraq

Arab TV Report Exposes Lax Security At U.S. Consulate In Benghazi
Prior To Ambassador Stevens' Arrival And Security Breach Prior To Attack – Revealed By Documents Gathered At Consulate Following Attack

PMW: Official PA daily: PMW "incites" against the PA
Following PMW's reports that terrorist prisoners receive PA salaries, PA Min. Karake defends the prisoners as "lawful freedom fighters"

Honest Reporting: More Twisting the Truth: Ha’aretz and IDF Experiments on Soldiers

Israel Daily Picture: The Balfour Declaration Was Issued 95 Years Ago
In 1925 Balfour Arrived to See the Jewish State in Formation


UKIP Euro-MP slams EU funding for ‘terror-linked’ NGOs

Burying Rachel’s Tomb

A would-be new leader of Israel’s Arabs urges full integration with Israel

Tunisia: Salafist Extremist Attack Alcohol Sellers