Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Egyptian tweets point out the differences between Egypt and a democracy

Egyptians showed some very sharp humor after the US election results came in, by tweeting fake news stories that mirror what happened in Egypt after their own presidential election.

Some examples:

"Hundreds of supporters of Romney demonstrate at Times Square to reject the election results"

"The Republican Party demands Obama resign from the presidency of the Democratic Party in order to be the president of all Americans, and Obama vows to cut ties with the Democratic Party"

"An unemployed man and his brother were shot in a fight between two families, one which supported Obama and the other one Romney"

"Obama purged the judiciary and dismissed the Attorney General, saying: "I am Barack Hussein Obama and I pledge to fully apply the law."

"Romney supporters marched in demonstrations in Washington, asserting that they do not recognize the election results and Obama does not represent them."

"Mitt Romney, after losing, insists on new American elections."