Sunday, November 18, 2012

Al Jazeera correspondent supports Hamas killing half a million Jews

Clayton Swisher, Al Jazeera correspondent, reacted to the news that a Hamas rocket landed in Gush Etzion this way on Twitter:

Swisher is seriously claiming that the Geneva Conventions actually give Hamas permission to kill Jews who live in the territories?

Yes, he's been on CNN too.
They say the exact opposite. The very name of the Fourth Geneva Convention is "Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War."

 From the viewpoint of the Geneva Conventions, civilians must be protected no matter where they live.

From an ethical and legal viewpoint, there is no difference between shooting a rocket into the middle of a community and blowing yourself up in the middle of a community.

Swisher, however, subscribes to the opinion that not only do Israeli civilians who live in Judea and Samaria have no protections under Geneva, but that Hamas has the obligation to attack them. For Swisher, Hamas' suicide attack spree during the intifada was not only acceptable, but a right!

In other words, a correspondent for a major news organization is openly advocating the murder, by Hamas, of a half million Jews. And he claims that Palestinian terrorists have the right to kill them, under a fictional idea of "legitimate resistance."

Swisher, in one small tweet, shows the world that he is ignorant of international law, a bigot against Jews, and a supporter of terrorism.

In fact, given that Swisher clearly accepts the Hamas terrorist definition of the human right to kill Jews, it is entirely possible that he also accepts Hamas' view that all of Israel is "occupied."

Which means that Swisher really wants to see the murder of six million Jews. And he will defend Hamas' attempts to kill as many of them as they can.

This should be beyond the pale even for Al Jazeera.

Beyond that, this hateful bigot has appeared on CNN. He has written for The Nation and The Guardian as well as fringe sites like Electronic Intifada.

Readers may want to ask other Hamas apologists online whether they agree with Swisher's views of the right to kill Jewish women and children, and ask The Guardian and The Nation if they think that such a person should be writing for them.