Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hamas demolishes "illegal" PalArab homes; shoot protesters. Human rights orgs silent.

From Palestine Press Agency:
Three civilians and two members of the Hamas police were wounded Tuesday, during clashes after bulldozers and security agents came to remove houses and structures for citizens in the village of Um al-Nasrr in the northern Gaza Strip, claiming that they were on government land.

Hamas police arrived Tuesday morning, broke into the area of ​​Um Al Nasr north of Beit Lahiya and proceeded to demolish the homes of a number of citizens and their facilities saying they were built on government land.

Dozens of people stood up to the police force, refusing to allow the demolition of their homes, prompting Hamas police officers to fire live bullets towards citizens, wounding 3 people.

Dozens of people pelted Hamas forces with stones, which resulted in the arrest of a number of them.

Hamas police and bulldozers that accompanied them were able to remove the houses by force, despite an outcry from the owners.
So Hamas is bulldozing Palestinian Arab homes - and no human rights agency says a word.

And they shoot protesters with live ammunition - and no human rights agency says a word. (Laughably, they claim to have shot only in the air, but somehow the injured received gunshot wounds anyway.)

It almost makes you think that there is a double standard going on here, doesn't it?