Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More links than you can shake a stick at

From Ian:

The Three-State Solution by Malcolm Lowe
“Gibraltar, Monaco, and Hong Kong are all, like Gaza, small heavily populated areas with a coastline, and all are thriving. The main obstacle to further dramatic growth is Gaza's bad habit of shooting missiles at Israel.”
The future is already here, but people refuse to see it. Why? Because the world's politicians and journalists froze their minds decades ago about how to deal with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Every speech by Western leaders, and every pontification by a Thomas Friedman, has as its nucleus what I called – already back in 2003 – the "Dogmatic Chant."

Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East by Scott Wilson
“Now it was Obama’s turn to explain his view of the work he had done to secure an elusive Israeli-Palestinian peace.
“Mr. President, what lessons have you learned?” Goldin asked.
“That it’s really hard,” Obama said.”
Barry Rubin: Why the Mass Media’s Best Effort to Understand Obama’s Failure to Make Israel-Palestinian Peace Fails
“The Washington Post published a detailed article by Scott Wilson on why President Barack Obama failed to make progress on Israeli-Palestinian peace. It still stands as the best mainstream media effort to explain Obama’s policy. Wilson did a lot of work, conducted many interviews, and strives to be fair. The article is useful in large part because it shows how much of what we’ve been saying about the Obama Administration was accurate, and it also includes a lot of useful quotes.”

Peace Camp Activists who Support Totalitarians and Murderers
Many peace campers claim that they have deep respect for human life. In the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, this is often only true on the surface. When one scratches a bit below that, one realizes that many of them look away from intended genocides and other crimes in the Muslim world. Galtung’s recent statements have helped to show part of the malice which hides behind the false humanitarian masks of many in the “peace camp.”

Security forces bust terror cell planning to kidnap soldier
Residents of town just north of Jerusalem hoped to free jailed terrorist

A little background: The current Australian Labor (minority) Government relies on the Greens to guarantee supply bills. This week that alliance has fallen apart. Labor is now openly attacking the Greens, characterising them as a fanatical fringe group, particularly over their support for BDS.
Andrew Bolt: Greens punished for what they coyly call their “anti-Zionism”
How heartening to see Labor take a stance against the latest form of collective punishment of Jews - a Greens-back racism that for all the excuses seems too much like anti-Semtism:“The Greens will carry forever the stain of their support for the BDS campaign and their attempts to delegitimise Israel and the Jewish community - and this is one of the reasons why we must stand strong against the Greens,” the pair said in a statement.

NGO-Monitor: Oxfam calls for violations of international law

YNet: IDF holds urban warfare drill - in Mea Shearim

IDF thwarted ten terror cells in the Sinai

Syrian defector: "Assad ready to use chemical weapons"

2 rockets explode in Sderot

Hilary Clinton refers to "Here, in Israel" three times during speeches in Jerusalem. Is she going against US government policy that Jerusalem is not in Israel?

Another Fatah summer camp named after a mass murderer

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