Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PA authorities now say Jewish supermarket is a Mossad operation

The Rami Levy supermarket chain has been attracting many Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank because of its good service and low prices, and has become a model of peaceful co-existence between the Jews and Arabs in the West Bank - a perfect counter-example to the thousands of news stories vilifying "settlers" as evil Arab-hating bigots.

Already in May, PA leaders were darkly warning Arab residents not to shop at Rami Levy, saying that  the PA is watching and keeping track of those disgraceful people who want to shop at this Jewish-owned chain.

In August, they tried a different tack. They claimed that the meat at Rami Levy was poisoned and rotten. And they reiterated that they are watching exactly who goes shopping there

Obviously these efforts at demonizing great selections of good food at good prices failed, because now the PA is trying yet another method to discourage peaceful co-existence between Arabs and Jews: They are claiming that the Mossad is recruiting collaborators between aisles 3 and 4.

Palestine Press Agency says that the Consumer Protection Agency in Hebron has warned that one of their members was approached by a woman in Rami Levy asking him for information about any terrorists he might be know about.

Besides the fact that the story is almost certainly bogus, there is another point about this article.

The subtext of the entire accusation is that protecting terrorists from Israel is a key moral imperative for all Palestinian Arabs.