Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's PalArab news (1/12/10)

Hamas arrested the president of Al Quds University in Gaza today.

A Gaza organization is going to try to imitate the Bil'in style protests in the Gaza buffer zone. They sent some Arab and foreign activists to sit in the zone with Palestinian Arab flags, daring Israel to shoot them. The point is public relations. Israel had recently dropped hundreds of leaflets warning Gazans to stay away from those buffer zones.

A Palestinian Arab sheikh, probably associated with Fatah, issued a fatwa saying that smuggling tunnels are forbidden. The major reason is that they are dangerous, but another reason is that they are used for drug trafficking.

Israel will resume allowing the export of both berries and flowers from Gaza today, after closing the Kerem Shalom crossing n response to mortar attacks there.

Palestine Today received a press release from the "Storm Hawks," a Fatah organization, vowing to attack Israel from Gaza and to not let Hamas stand in their way.