Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Todays' influx of hate

The post I wrote about Michael Scheuer has been generating a lot of traffic, including from such wonderful neo-Nazi sites as David Duke, Stormfront and Vanguard News Network. Things slowed down a bit yesterday, but today the traffic is back up - mostly from Arutz-7.

The link that was published at Israel National News (that uncritically copied the transcript that I took from Adam Holland, including mistakes!) linked to my video excerpt has been the source for the additional traffic today from some rabid Jew-haters, so apparently some Nazi site has been linking to Arutz-7 and the secondary traffic to the video link is coming my way.

For now, I am leaving the hate comments from these visitors up. Generally the people who are coming here will not see any postings besides the one they are linking to, so they bravely follow the link here, leave a comment about how Jews are evil but it is not anti-semitic to mention that, and then they return to the hole in the ground they came from. I believe that it is instructive to keep these comments here as a reminder of how deep and wide the continuum of Jew-hatred is, as well as how entwined it is with Israel hatred.

I wonder if Scheuer is bothered that his comments resonate so strongly with such low-lifes, or if he feels that they validate his own hate?

Most of the anti-semitic comments so far have been from the US, with a smattering from Canada and Australia.