Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reports: IDF Goldstone response due in two weeks

According to a Ma'ariv article (cannot find the original, this is from a Palestine Today Arabic report,) Israel plans to release its official response to the Goldstone Report in two weeks.

The response will mention that investigators have not yet uncovered a single example of the IDF deliberately targeting civilians during Operation Cast Lead.

It says that most of the incidents mentioned in the Goldstone Report were based on twisted, distorted facts.

One example concerns the Al Badr flour mill, which Goldstone accused Israel of deliberately targeting with the sole purpose of denying sustenance to Gaza civilians. According to the Israeli response, aerial photos show that the mill had already been destroyed from earlier fighting (I am not sure when.)

Out of the 36 incidents that Goldstone cites, 26 of them were already under internal IDF investigation and they opened new investigations for the additional ten.

UPDATE: Here's the autotranslated Ma'ariv article.