Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One year ago: "Operation Camouflage Hat"

I was looking through my posts last year during Operation Cast Lead and I found an amazing article at Palestine Today that I had forgotten about, that proves that the terrorist strategy was explicitly to place civilians in danger by hiding among them. The Islamic Jihad terrorists interviewed were happy that (they claimed) there were more civilian casualties than fighters.

An email correspondent did a better Arabic translation of part of the article:
There is no visibility of the men of the resistance in the streets of the [Gaza] strip. No one sees their known means of transportation, and even light weapons can no longer be seen with people publicly in the Gaza Strip. The resistance is totally [invisible] even as its actions are felt. Anti-aircraft artillery fires on the aircraft without them knowing their location. The whereabouts of rockets launched from the heart of the Strip cannot be seen or known until they're shot...

The resistance factions initiated a new tactic at the start of the Israeli war on Gaza in the twenty-seventh of last month, to avoid any targeting by Israelis [of our] men.

The residents of the Gaza Strip were surprised with the rockets of the resistance being fired from the heart of the cities of the Gaza Strip, without seeing how the launchers were put up, or their place, in order for deception to prevent exposure to the Israeli intelligence planes of the place of the firing of the rockets...

According to medical sources, the number of martyrs and wounded of the warriors of the Palestinian resistance are few in comparison to the number of civilian martyrs who were killed since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza, except for the large number of Palestinian policemen who were martyred on the first day...

Abu Mohammed, one of the commanders on the ground in the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, said: "What is used by [our men] is called 'camouflage hat' to mislead the Israeli aircraft and collaborators."
Needless to say, Richard Goldstone did not find any evidence that Gaza terrorists purposefully hid among civilians.