Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More on Arabs and Haiti.

According to the UN, so far, the governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia have contributed nothing towards Haiti earthquake relief. Neither have Egypt, Jordan*, or Syria.

On the other hand, (possibly because of the bad press,) the Organization of the Islamic Conference has asked Muslim nations to help the victims.

The Al-Arabiya article about this call to help is interesting in the reactions by the readers.

The first one said:

My Heart Dances Of Joice Just Thinking About It

May The Biggest Catastrophe in Human History,since the creation of this planet wipe USA from the face of the Earth.Deep inside me i feel it happening but i ask THE ALMIGHTY to make me live to witness it with my own eyes..Amen Amen Amen

The third addresses the issue of aiding Haiti a little more directly:

To donate money for an alcoholic is prohibited (haram),so how about the devil's worshipper?

Why didn't/don't these so-called "Islamic" organizations urge Muslims,to help Muslims in Afghanistan,Pakistan,Gaza,Yemen,Somalia,Chechneya,..Anywhere?! How do you call for outside Cleansing while inside is full of $h*t? They and the apostate traitors are Muslims' real turmoil,so..?! Deaf,Blind and Dumb

*UPDATE: This Muslim website says that Jordan sent a field hospital, medics and supplies pretty early on. The Iranian contribution it claims was through its Red Crescent, not the government.