Friday, January 01, 2010

The Gazan slave trade

Firas Press has a lengthy article on how Gazans are taking advantage of poor Egyptian families.

Acting as middlemen, Gazans offer to smuggle underage Egyptian girls through tunnels to Gaza to get married to the better-off Gazans. For this service, they charge $1000.

Once the girls come over, more often than not they get married as second or third wives to Gaza men who treat them as maids for their extended families. These are the lucky ones: others are forced into prostitution or to work for drug dealers. One smuggler who was interviewed is getting so wealthy from the slave trade that he has bought a house in Rafah to facilitate the smuggling of more Egyptian girls.

The article claims that hundreds of girls have been taken advantage of this way, and they cannot afford to pay to escape back to Egypt.

Clearly, the poor, starving Gazans are being driven by sheer desperation to resort to taking advantage of even poorer Egyptian girls.