Monday, January 25, 2010

Abbas' big accomplishment for the week

Who says that Mahmoud Abbas doesn't do anything? He is sponsoring weight-reduction surgery for this 39-year old man, who in his healthier days was able to pull cars with his teeth.

As Ma'an says,
The man fearful that his obesity will cause his death is to receive two surgeries to alleviate his condition and assist his weight loss, which will be sponsored by President Mahmoud Abbas.

Abdul Fattah Abu Addas, 39, and from the Balata Refugee Camp east of Nablus, weighs 250 kilograms ( 551 lbs) and has lost two siblings to obesity related deaths. Abu Addas' had appealed for assistance as the procedures were deemed cosmetic surgery by the Ramallah-based Ministry of Health.

The surgeries include a gastric bypass and liposuction, worth an estimated 7,000 Jordanian dinars.

Abu Addas has not been able to move unassisted for several years and is unable to have children as a result of his obesity.

Previously Abu Addas was an athlete, participating in competitive tug of war matches and winning a number of accolades, in addition to pulling cars with his teeth.

Abbas has ordered that the surgery be carried out immediately.
Maybe Abbas didn't want the world to see a Palestinian Arab who somehow manages to stave off Zionist-induced starvation.